Baptisms are a special and demanding photo shooting project. Our little heroes are always full of energy and totally unpredictable. Time does not reverse; every caption has to be perfect. Every adept photographer has to be ready for the unexpected. Children do not force themselves to sit still and strike a pose, which means that the photographer has to keep up to every reaction they have.

Our team has vast experience in christenings and several professional photo shootings with children. That certain experience renders us capable of creating beautiful, funny moments, full of vividness, so as to keep our little friends happy!

A christening day belongs entirely to our little heroes. Not much is needed to be done, in order to accomplish our goal. All we have to do is to fully cover our little friend' s moments, throughout the photo shooting process, with discretion and in a sentimental mood.

Throughout his or her reactions, we try to create a consistent storytelling, taking into account that everything has to be done in discretion, active observation and discreet participation.

The photo shooting process is not just about the actual christening; we stand beside you during and after the whole sacrament.

The reception area is the ultimate place to photoshoot the little ones in different spots and poses, capturing spontaneous moments of joy.

Via our photo clicks, this special adventure will unfold before your eyes in detail, with precision and true feelings, freed from all unecessary elements. The epicenter of the day is set on the little one and your loved ones, who were able to attend the celebrational ceremony. Bright colors and vivid photos, full of joy and fun, give the best possible outcome, so as to create moments that remain alive throughout the years!