Ragias Konstantinos

Love, passion and technologically advanced equipment are the secret ingredients for the successful caption of the most important day of your life!


Ragias Konstantinos

Would you like to explore the way we will capture your moments? Scroll down our wedding, christening and other festive albums. We do love giving a touch of our own, adding glory to your personal stories.

Borned and raised in Volos, Konstantinos Ragias lived in his early adulthood in Kavala, Athens and Nafplio (Greece). He travelled in several European countries with a backpack and a photo camera in his hand, trying to capture not a mere image but a distinct feeling.

Every single photo click has a story to tell. In 2015, his first event filled him with gratitude, since he was able to capture and imprint precious and memorable moments. After all, each concept is a combination of art, expression and creativity. Technicalities can be studied. However, getting the vibe is a matter of the heart and mind and the outcome remains forever in our memory.